28. September 2021

Pilzwanderung 2021

Am Samstag, den 23.10.2021 ist es wieder soweit: Unter der […]

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12. August 2021

Vorbereitungstreffen in Rostock

Vergangenes Wochenende luden wir einige junge Menschen aus ganz Deutschland […]

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16. Februar 2021

FSJ – Version Light

Freiwilligendienst in Zeiten von Covid 19 – Meine bisherigen Erfahrungen […]

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06. Dezember 2016

EVS: step by step!

In sechs Schritten zum europäischen Freiwilligendienst! Schritt 1: Finde Deine […]

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The mosaik of Impressions from „Let’s sail together 2014 – Maritime Pollutions“

After long time of preparing it, the project finally was realized!

35 people from different countries were living together for 18 days getting to know each other and participating in the planned program.

The First week of the project took part in an isolated accommodation in the village Schülp near Nortorf, 20 km from the Baltic Sea.

During this time the main purpose was to make wider our knowledge about the ecological sustainability and maritime pollution. Further more it was also important to build the team spirit by games and living together. All of this helped to grew each other responsibility.
Participants were encouraged to discuss about „eco“ topics in small groups and then to present there points of view, solutions etc. Some presentations were very creative and funny, so the workshop time was enough various to earn new knowledge and feel the ambience of summer.

Summer time and surround of green fields, forest and lake were a basis for spending free time together. Creativity of participants went more far and we all enjoyed time together playing a lot of board games, cards, making some spontaneous sport activities and dances.

A very interesting part was „cultural evenings“ when German, French, Polish, Turkish and Italian groups were in charge to prepare traditional dinner and some entertainment for others.

Some groups showed good cooking skills (like Italian lasagne and French „patisserie“) and creativity with competitions about the knowledge of the theirs countries. Many different ideas made these evenings unforgettable! For example Polish and Turkish groups presented national dances and inspired others to dance together. French group made very interesting dinner in the darkness and Germans leaded typical „kindergeburtstag“ (kid’s birthday party) with funny games and a lot of German sweets :).

Above all we could get to know each other and our cultural background and learn some words from different languages too. The project language was English but our communication was more creative and we produced our own „project’s esperanto language“ with a mix of words from all of our languages and body expressions :)

During all activities participants had to face a teamwork inside „national“ groups and also when they where mixed. This was really challenging because of various personalities, different ways of acting and individual experiences but somehow it work out!

We had some excursions too:

One was a guided tour in Kiel where we could see special places and get to know some history and future plans of the city.

The last day of the „part on the land“ we travelled to Rostock where was waiting for us „Gulden Leeuw”, the sailing vessel on which we supposed to spend next 7 days of our adventure. Before boarding we could also take part in Hanse Sail Festival and enjoy sunny day in Warnemünde, a charming small city on the Baltic coast.

Turkish group decided to spend this day in Hamburg and get to know one of the most important German cities.

It was free day for everyone and nobody regretted his way of spending this time.


The second part of the project took place on the sailing vessel were participants were divided up into mixed groups and became trainees under the control of the crew and the rules on the board.

For sure this more strict situation was a challenge for everyone. Responsibility became more important when we had to stick to „the watch -system“.
It was working, but in each group in a different level depending on people, tasks, etc.

During the days on the ship we had the opportunity to learn sailing skills, like working on the deck with sails, climbing the mast, stearing and all navigation duties on the bridge.

It was a huge challenge and a new experience, but not only these tasks were important: cooking for everyone, cleaning dishes and the ship were as important as the sailing activities.

We had occasion to experience anchor watch but the greatest fun was most jumping from the ship and swimming in the Sea.

The effects of teamwork and new knowledge about sailing were visible during the race we took part with Gulden Leeuw during „Flensburg Nautics“ Festival. It was good fun on board and on the land!

We spent nice time during the Flensburg festival, concerts and visiting the beautiful city. What was the most important – we enjoyed our companionship, the spontaneous games and the great leisure time together.

We had one not planned stop in Lyø – a very very small danish island with around 100 habitants. So when we arrived there population of the island increased as almost 50%:).

We could walk to the other side of island in 1 h and visit a very old meaningful stone which is the only one tourist attraction there, but nothing could disturb us from having fun together and enjoy the time.

After 7 days sailing, „anchoring“ and „porting“ we reached our departure place in Kiel. There we had to say goodbye to the crew and the ship and come back to our asylum in Schülp for some convalescence :) It means less work, more sleep, no more cooking: only enjoy time together and sum up the project.


Three last days were without sessions about ecology but evaluation about the project, our contribution, impressions and improvements.

Participants pointed out that after all they will more focus on ecology and sustainability in daily life. They were happy because they improved their English language communicating successfully with others.
I think everyone can see his/her achievements and can keep this experience in a very individual form for ever.

What the most I love about this project is that each person who took part in (participants, teamers, project leader, crew) gave a lot of influence with their character and personality, special ideas and a way of being between people – it makes this project the most unique and valuable.

Gosia – since project called „Djosija“ 

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