15. März 2021

Open call for Spain

Duration: June 2021, 12 months (flexible) Where? Calpe and other […]

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12. März 2021

Open call for Madeira

Bei einem historisch-kulturellen Projekt auf der Insel Madeira wird noch […]

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16. Februar 2021

FSJ – Version Light

Freiwilligendienst in Zeiten von Covid 19 – Meine bisherigen Erfahrungen […]

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06. Dezember 2016

EVS: step by step!

In sechs Schritten zum europäischen Freiwilligendienst!   Schritt 1: Finde […]

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Let´s sail together 2014!

„Maritime Pollutions“- Intercultural understanding, environment, adventure, team spirit …..

About the project:

03Another time 35 European youth are invited this summer to join the project “ Let’s sail together 2014”. The group consists of young people from Italy, France, Poland, Germany and Turkey. Participants meet for 18 days to learn about other cultures and countries from each other. The first week takes place on  land, in a small village – about 25 km from the Baltic Sea. After teambuilding the next week is spent on a board  at the 70-meter three-masted vessel Gulden Leeuw. The topic of this year is waste and pollution. So during the project, the young people will for example deal with the campaign „Fishing for litter“. The most important thing, as apart from living, cooking and celebrating together, is team building and learning during sailing maneuvers at day and under the cover of darkness. The participants will hopefully be united by common goals and experiences. All will work together and taught by the experienced, international crew about the basics of sailing and navigation. The project is funded by the European Union programme – „Youth in Action“.

When and where the project takes place?

From 2nd to 20th of August 2014 on a three-mast vessel „Gulden Leeuw“ and in Schülp in Germany (near Borgsdorfer lake)


6 young people plus a teamer (per country) aged between 18 and 30

The project language is English!

04Accommodation and meals :

On land, the group will live in a meeting house in the village of Schülp near the city of Nordorf. The village is located about 25km from the Baltic Sea. At Sea the three-masted vessel Gulden Leeuw will be their home. During the whole project meals are included. It is possible even when the kitchen bounces!

How much it costs me?

Thanks to the financial support of the EU, the participation extra fee is 290 Euro. Travel expenses for the transport to and from Schülp will be refunded after the end of the project to 70%.

More Info´s? – Please ask your sending NGO!

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