28. September 2021

Pilzwanderung 2021

Am Samstag, den 23.10.2021 ist es wieder soweit: Unter der […]

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12. August 2021

Vorbereitungstreffen in Rostock

Vergangenes Wochenende luden wir einige junge Menschen aus ganz Deutschland […]

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16. Februar 2021

FSJ – Version Light

Freiwilligendienst in Zeiten von Covid 19 – Meine bisherigen Erfahrungen […]

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06. Dezember 2016

EVS: step by step!

In sechs Schritten zum europäischen Freiwilligendienst! Schritt 1: Finde Deine […]

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Let’s sail together 2013: Irene Cocimano in studio

„I really love to know new people“

Interviewer: Albert Guziak (Kompass / NIG)

Guest: Irene Cocimano


Albert Guziak: It’s been already some time passed after the Let’s Sail Together project… Let us sail back to that time. What are your spontaneous memories and images about it?

Irene : the first image in my mind is the free time. All together singing or playing some games. But also the moments of work: on the vessel, to set the sail, we had to work as a whole.

Albert Guziak: Did you have any expectations before coming to the project? If yes, what were they? Were they also fulfilled?

Irene: i really love to know new people, but it was the first time i had to speak in english abroad, and i was a bit worried about it. But already on the first day i was really quiet, and happy to being part of this project. It was for sure over every expectations.

Albert Guziak: Do you find the knowledge about cradle to cradle useful? Is it needed to deal with such issues at all?

Irene : i had never listen about cradle to cradle before, but i think it’s really interesting. not everybody know what is the real situation of the planet, and we have to sensitize about it

Albert Guziak: What was like for you to sail, sleep, work and generally live on the boat? Did you have fun?

Irene: it was simply incredible. Fortunately, i didn’t feel seasickness and i really enjoyed the time on the boat. Sealing is not so hard especially if you have good people working with you! Sleeping during navigation is very easy, because you’re rocked by the waves. The work wasn’t so hard, because everybody was ready to help you in the need. In the little space of free time we had sunbath, swimming, and party!

Albert Guziak: Do you think that the multinational communication and working together on board was smooth? Did you have any difficulties with it?

Irene: English is not my favourite language, we’re not good friend. But speaking with the others was not so hard, and on the vessel, when they taught what we had to do, and someone didn’t understand, they repeat, or someone else explained easily. Sometimes i didn’t understand, but it was because i don’t practice my english: now i study, so next time i will be ready!

Albert Guziak: Would you be able to stay longer on the ship?

Irene: it’s a bit different: I didn’t want to disembark! I really love to stay on the boat, I didn’t want to return on the land. Now when I see a river or the sea I feel nostalgic and I think how incredible is sailing.

Albert Guziak: Did you come with some stereotypes about other countries? If yes, did you confirm, change or reject them?

Irene: for sure, because everybody have an idea of others nationality. For example I thought that german people are all blond and cold, or turkish use arabic alphabet: this project allowed me to discover it’s not like this. Now i know that in estonia they are very hospitable and proud of their nation. I don’t wanna miss poland, i fall in love with their cooking and they’re cheerful all the time.

Albert Guziak: What did you do during your free time?

Irene: in the free time at the camp we played different games with card, playing volleyball and we had some swim. The evening, we make barbecue, and after we play guitar and sang. When we arrived in a harbor with the ship we visit the place where we stop and we had a beer in the pub, like real sailor!

Albert Guziak: Did your ideas about Europe change after the project? Did you think about it at all?

Irene: Yes. Before, i saw Europe like a group of country who want to stay togheter, but with difference. In the camp there was not difference between us, only some difference tradition or way of live, but we „had live in peace“ for 20 days, without problem or discussion. My idea is that the difference are between the politic level, and i hope that my generation will change this.

Albert Guziak: Would you fancy the idea of Let’s sail together 2014 for you?

Irene: i really like to take part at let’s sail together 2014, but it’s a unique experience and i think other people have to try this.

Thanks a lot… I wish you fantastic future projects!

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