28. September 2021

Pilzwanderung 2021

Am Samstag, den 23.10.2021 ist es wieder soweit: Unter der […]

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12. August 2021

Vorbereitungstreffen in Rostock

Vergangenes Wochenende luden wir einige junge Menschen aus ganz Deutschland […]

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16. Februar 2021

FSJ – Version Light

Freiwilligendienst in Zeiten von Covid 19 – Meine bisherigen Erfahrungen […]

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06. Dezember 2016

EVS: step by step!

In sechs Schritten zum europäischen Freiwilligendienst! Schritt 1: Finde Deine […]

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Let’s sail together 2013 Cradle to cradle in studio!

Interviewer: Albert Guziak (Kompass)

Guest: Kamila Ejsmont (Poland, FIYE)

Albert Guziak: It’s been already some time passed after the Let’s Sail Together project… Let us sail back to that time. What are your spontaneous memories and images about it?

Kamila Ejsmont: In few words, Let’s sail together project was combination of fun, new experiences and great time spent with wonderful people.

Albert Guziak: Did you have any expectations before coming to the project? If yes, what were they? Were they also fulfilled?

Kamila Ejsmont: Sincerely speaking I just hoped for having a good time and the project was definitely a highlight of my summer holiday. I expected also to gain some sailing skills which was rather fulfilled.

Albert Guziak: Do you find the knowledge about cradle to cradle useful? Is it needed to deal with such issues at all?

Kamila Ejsmont: I find the idea of cradle to cradle dramatically important nowadays, but I would like to make it more useful in my life. For this moment I’m broadening my eco consciousness and trying to implement it into my daily routine.

Albert Guziak: What was like for you to sail, sleep, work and generally live on the boat? Did you have fun?

Kamila Ejsmont: First of all, it was amazing to get to know how a life on a boat looks like. Even simple activities like cooking, cleaning or sleeping look a little bit different on a ship. Of course sometimes it was tiring, but still it was a great alteration to a normal life.

Albert Guziak: Do you think that the multinational communication and working together on board was smooth? Did you have any difficulties with it?

Kamila Ejsmont: There were some situations when it was not so easy to communicate with our boat’s crew because of their accent which was difficult to understand, but with the time being we got used to it and manage to catch what they ment.

Albert Guziak: Would you be able to stay longer on the ship?

Kamila Ejsmont:: Only a couple of days longer, I was becoming more and more tired after the week spent on ship.

Albert Guziak: Did you come with some stereotypes about other countries? If yes, did you confirm, change or reject them?

Kamila Ejsmont: Not really, I knew the most common stereotypes about those nations, but I tried not to perceive anybody that way before I got to know them.

Albert Guziak: What did you do during your free time?

Kamila Ejsmont: Mostly sleeping, chatting with people, reading books. The last day was perfect if it comes to a leisure time, the weather gave us an opportunity to take sunbath and relax on the board.

Albert Guziak: Did your ideas about Europe change after the project? Did you think about it at all?

Kamila Ejsmont: I confirmed my previous belief that among multinational groups there is always something magical, that the differences between us can be truly enriching.

Albert Guziak: Would you fancy the idea of Let’s sail together 2014 for you?

Kamila Ejsmont: Definitely!

Thanks a lot – I wish you fantastic future projects!

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