27. August 2021


Hallo zusammen!  Hier bin ich, Aytan, wieder. Es ist die […]

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12. August 2021

Vorbereitungstreffen in Rostock

Vergangenes Wochenende luden wir einige junge Menschen aus ganz Deutschland […]

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16. Februar 2021

FSJ – Version Light

Freiwilligendienst in Zeiten von Covid 19 – Meine bisherigen Erfahrungen […]

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06. Dezember 2016

EVS: step by step!

In sechs Schritten zum europäischen Freiwilligendienst!   Schritt 1: Finde […]

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EVS Project in Vallée de l’Herault

Host association:
I.peicc In cooperation with: « La Communauté de Communes Vallée de l’Hérault » It is a group of villages in the region of l’Herault that was born in 1998. In 2002 it involves 28 municipalities. Today it is one of the largest “communities of communes” of the Hérault region with more than 35,000 inhabitants. It faces significant challenges, particularly in terms of economic development but also to preserve the living environment from a growing population. The public institution also deals with the youth in the area.

Where: Vallée de l’Hérault
When: 1st of October 2015 to the 30th of june 2016

About the project:
„Cultural services to live together.“
To meet this challenge, the community of communes has included „Territorial youth work bringing groups to coordinate existing structures and develop new educational initiatives in favour of the Children and Youth „. From there, the community of communes therefore runs a Youth Network, such as representatives of high schools and agricultural school, leaders of municipal services and youth associations, the associative fabric, the services of the General Council, job insertion office…
All these are professionals in charge of educational issues and / or socio-cultural to young people. They have the skills and expertise that are undeniable to unite young people of different ages and profiles, promote values of tolerance, respect for difference, openness to others and intercultural curiosity.

Profile of participant:
For this project, we are looking for dynamic, enthusiastic people that like to work in a team.
Accommodation: In a rural area housing will be offered for both of the EVS volunteers in partnership with CLEY (Local Committee for Youth Housing ) or at the local agriculture school.

Objectives of the project:
The Youth Service aims to develop a youth policy that allows to gradually bring the youth (11-25 years), to a controlled and secure autonomy, to get young people to open their minds with notions of sharing, respect and cultural exchange. The priority will be young adolescents (11-17 years) which is why the main activities will be done in high schools.

Develop creativity of high school students, in order to develop them and increase their sense of themselves
– Partnering with existing projects in schools and educational projects in centres and recreational associations, being proactive to develop them.
-To promote open mindedness and exchanges with European structures.
– Developing their facilitation skills of sport workshops, artistic and cultural awareness to sustainable development of European citizenship.
– Encourage curiosity and cultural discovery to get young people to build projects on European exchanges , …

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